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Ceetrus Romania launches Reșița 2030: an extensive urban regeneration project of the former Mociur Platform

Corporate urban planner and developer of the Coresi district in Brasov, Ceetrus is starting a 15-year project in Resita that will regenerate 36 hectares of the city.

Ceetrus, a global real estate developer, known until June 2018 as Immochan, has transformed to better serve the needs of communities and has today become a real estate developer of mixed-use urban projects.

In all the projects developed, Ceetrus’ mission is to assume the role of facilitator, urban and community catalyst, a role that becomes indispensable for a coherent and sustainable urban development in Romania.

The development of the Coresi District, started in 2013, is a model of community and urban regeneration in Romania, being the first multifunctional project of such a scale, bringing together, in a period of 8 years, commercial, residential, office, entertainment, community and public spaces, which harness and multiply local opportunities.

Thus, in the context of the mission to build and develop social links that will animate the city of tomorrow and the success of the urban regeneration project in Brasov, Ceetrus presents today, during the event Reșița 2030: Together we change the face of the city, the masterplan of the mixed functions project, in a 15-year perspective.

“I feel we have reached the end of a race we started three years ago. I know that it’s not the end here, it’s just another beginning and I’m very happy about this partnership that the City of Reșița is starting with Ceetrus. There was a risk that this brownfield of over 40 hectares would end up in a dull project in which we would find a few “boxes”, like many hastily built in Romania, but our chance, the chance of the people of Reșița, was that Ceetrus delegated a famous architectural office – Arte Charpentier – which designed a new functional, airy, multifunctional and community-friendly urban centre.” Ioan Popa, Mayor of Resita

“This is a well-deserved moment of celebration dedicated to the people of Reșiț after 3 years of work in the legal, cadastral and concept area and in a general context where TRUST must return to normal. We are giving back to the city 36 forgotten hectares and we are taking on the mission to build part of Reșița 2030 together with the community. I am proud of the path taken by the Ceetrus team up to this extraordinary, mixed and multifunctional concept and I believe in the opportunity to create in Reșița a new model of community regeneration. ” Tatian Diaconu, CEO Ceetrus Romania

Thus, the Ceetrus Masterplan for Reșita involves a four-stage development as follows:

The retail, office, entertainment and hotel development phases are correlated with 3 residential development phases, with a total area of 49,200 m2 and 582 units (studio, 2 rooms, 3 rooms). An Apart Hotel (11,500 m2 and 177 units) is also planned in the residential development.

The urban regeneration project located on the Mociur-UCMR Reșița industrial platform required a series of legally challenging land acquisitions (2017 – 2020), which were completed in 3 years with a total acquisition of 36 hectares.

The vision and concept of the project were developed together with internationally recognized architectural offices – Arte Charpentier and Arhitect Sud, which integrated the local and regional development and mobility strategy. All architectural elements were designed to preserve the local, defining characteristics of Reșița (metal, brick, generous green spaces).

The project aims to facilitate community connections and contribute to the sustainable development of the city.

The investment was announced during the event Reșita 2030: Together we transform the face of the city, a conference on city development, organised in partnership with Urbanize Hub and with the participation of speakers Mayor Ioan Popa, Marcel-Ionescu Heroiu (World Bank), Grațian Mihăilescu (Urbanize Hub), Conf. Univ. Dr. Viorel Stănică (Prodecan FSPAC Cluj), Sorin Maxim (West RDA), Marina Neagu (MKBT), Tatian Diaconu (Ceetrus), Sorin Dumitru (Ceetrus) and representatives of the local community (Bike Attack, Banatul Montan Community Foundation and Local Action Group Reșița).

About Ceetrus

Founded in 1976, Ceetrus is a global real estate developer with 295 commercial and mixed-use projects in 10 European countries.

In Romania, Ceetrus was established in January 2012 and manages a portfolio of 23 shopping centres nationwide. In 2016, Ceetrus broadened its scope of activity to new business segments with the mixed-use project Cartier Coresi: residential, through the development of Coresi Avantgarden (in partnership with Kasper Development) and office, through Coresi Business Campus (in partnership with Ascenta Management), one of the most vibrant business parks in Brasov.

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