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Who we are

Nhood is a player in urban housing regeneration with a triple positive impact: societal, environmental and economic


We design these places to have a triple positive impact on the cities of the future.
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Setting up as a service company is a considerable advantage - we are more agile.
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Added value

We use our know-how collaboratively, with authenticity and responsibility.
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An organisation that provides services strongly connected locally with communities

Services strongly connected locally with communities

The new company is called Nhood, underpinned by its motto “lively spaces”.  The name of the new brand is an abbreviation of the word ‘neighbourhood’ and was chosen to give it an international resonance. It will be carried by the 10 branches across Europe and expresses the desire to create more perceptible, useful and sustainable value for citizens and their environment.

Nhood will primarily evaluate its projects from a threefold dimension: environment, people and the added value they offer. The analysis is based on a rigorous methodology that takes into account environmental, climatic, social and economic impacts on the operation, animation, management and regeneration strategy of urban areas. 

Commercial sites

in Europe.

Commercial sites

in Romania.

This new venture creates the premises to strengthen our already built leadership in Romania in what we call societal real estate, for the concrete benefit of communities and all partners. The health crisis is the unfortunate occasion in which we proved that, beyond fine words, we immediately reaffirmed the deep meaning and significance of partnership. It is a beginning of the road that forces us to rapidly structure the company in order to be able to offer quality services and benefit from the trust of the AFM asset owners and third parties with whom we are in contact.

Tatian Diaconu

Directorul General al Nhood Romania

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